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Tokyo Basho - Dojo


Metro Government Building


Senso-Ji Shrine

Senso-Ji - Prayer Knots

Senso-Ji - Papers

Senso-Ji - Pagofa 2

Senso-Ji - Pagoda

Senso-Ji - Ghosts

Senso-Ji - Encens

Sensi*o-Ji - Chevrons

Senso-Ji - Black Door

Ueno Park - Toshogu Shrine

Tokyo Basho - Ryoku Kokugikan

Metropolitan Government Building

Full Moon on Shijuku

Food Street


Cube Building

Chaos Street

Bricks and Wires

Asakusa - Wires

Ueno Park - Roof

Ueno Park - Purity

Ueno Park - Green Leaves

Ueno Park - Torii

Tokyo Tower

Hamarikyu - Torii

Hamarikyu II



Tokyo Basho - Sumo Triptyqqe

Tokyo Basho - Bow ceremony

Tokyo Basho - Salt

Tokyo Basho - Every inch

Tokyo Basho - Ready

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