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Auckland Marina

Mt Ruapehu

From Mordor

Mt Ruapehu slopes


Pastor Memorial 360

Auckland sunset

Rising Sun on the Forgotten World

Southern Star

Three Volcanos 360

Looking at Mt Ngauruhoe


Mt Ngauruhoe

Taranaki above the Trees

Taranaki Dawson Falls

Taranaki Milkland

Lake Taupo and Volcanos

Huka Falls Pano

Huka Falls

Magazine Bay Pano

Bay Tree

Kaiate Falls Pano

Taranaki in the Distance Pano

Vertical Bush

Wai-O-Tapu Champagne Pool

Wanganui Building

Wellington Parliament Sculptures


Wellington, The Beehive

Wellington Cable Car Pano

Auckland from Mt Eden

Wellington Sunrise Pano

Wai-O-Tapu palette

Harbour Bridge

The Shire

Houses on the Hills

Downtown Wellington

Ruapehu and sheeps

Taupo Forest


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