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New Artwork

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Récemment mis en ligne sur le site, voici ma dernière création : le majestueux Macchi M.C.72!

Il rejoint la collection "Digital Paintings" aux cotés d'un autre hydravion légendaire, le Supermarine S-6B. Ces deux machines d'exception étaient des monstres de technologie au tout début des années 30. Dopée par la Coupe Schneider, une course annuelle de vitesse opposant les nations européennes et US, la technique aéronautique fit un bon énorme en l'intervalle d'une dizaine d'année. Passant du bois et de la toile à la tôle et au refroidissement liquide, les puissances et surtout les vitesses n'ont plus rien eu de commun.

Le Macchi M.C.72 n'a pourtant jamais pu participer à la Coupe Schneider, remportée en 1931 par les britanniques avec le S-6B. Mais il devait être l'arme absolue de l'Italie. Ce qu'il démontra finalement l'année suivante en établissant le record du monde de vitesse pour un hydravion à hélice (record toujours valide d'ailleurs) avec quelques 709km/h!

C'est donc en hommage à cette machine et ses pilotes que j'ai réaliser ce tableau, en inaugurant une technique un peu différente.

EDIT 03/05/2015 : Et à noter que ce tableau est disponible, en tirage limité à 30 exemplaires tous supports confondus. Et dans des tailles assez conséquente : jusqu'au 150x100cm en format standard, et en 150x50cm en panoramique!

Recently I uploaded my latest artwork : the mighty Macchi M.C.72

It completes the "Digital Paintings" collection, side by side with another legendary seaplane, the Supermarine S-6B. Those two exceptional aircraft were technological achievements in the early days of the 30's. Boosted by the Schneider Trophy, an annual speed competition opposing european and the US nations, the aeronautical technique made a huge leap forwards in a few years timeframe. From wood and fabric to sheetmetal and liquid cooling, the available horsepower and speeds became completely surnatural for the time.

The Macchi M.C.72 sadly never compete in the Schneider Trophy, won in 1931 by the British with the Supermarine S-6B. But it was to be the ultimate weapon for the Italian team. It demonstrated it the year after by setting the speed world record for a piston-engined seaplane (record still valid today) with 709km/h!

This digital creation is a tribute to this machine and its pilots, a first one featuring a different painting technique for me.

EDIT May 3rd, 2015 :This artwork is available to purchase as a limited edition print, on various surfaces (alu, plexi or canvas). And in pretty large formats : up to 150x100cm in standard format, and up to 150x50cm in panoramic format!

Art of Still Life

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Nouvelle collection sur le site, bien que présentant des photos peut-être déjà connues : "Still Life", ou Nature Morte en français.

Bulles - Planets

Cette collection un peu hétéroclique rassemble mes photos d'un sujet beaucoup plus statique que les avions par exemple. On y trouvera ainsi, pèle-mèle, des photos de chou, de glaçon ou de verre à bière!

La photographie de nature morte semblera simple, accessible. Ca l'est en partie, puisque le sujet est immobile, souvent de petite taille, on peut le manipuler à loisir et placer le point de vue où on veut, ou presque. La difficulté reside plutôt dans la lumière et, pour une composition, l'assemblage harmonieux des éléments qui la constitue. C'est un art à part entière qui est largement représenté depuis les premières peintures, dans les musées...

J'espère ainsi que mes propres compositions vous plairont. Bonne visite!

New collection on the site, although it does display already released images : "Still Life".

This collection a little bit motley gathers my pictures of a subject a lot more static than airplanes! Here one will find coliflowers, ice cube or bier glass!

Still Life photography may look simple, accessible. It is, partly, as the subject stands still, is often of a small size, one can handle it easily and put its point of view alway everywhere he likes. The true hard part is lighting and, for multiple objects composition, the way to arrange and rig everything. This an art in its whole that is largely presented in museums...

So I hope you will enjoy my own images. Have a good visit!

Natural Fractals 05

At last today I was able to put no less than 145 pictures online in the new NZ South Island collection! This was quite a difficult task to go again through the hundreds of images I brought back from two trips in New-Zealand and only select 145. This country is so beautiful! And I went there only in autumn. I still have to see winter in Otago for instance, or spring in Canterbury. One day maybe...

Anyway, for the time being, let me invite you to a 4000km journey through New-Zealand. Now that the South Island and North Island collections are online, you can make it as we've done it back in 2006 and 2010. On those two occasions we began our trip in NZ at Christchurch. Landing at the International airport, we picked up the camper van and then on the road!

Christchurch has been badly hit during the February 2011 earthquake in NZ. Many buildings collapsed or were damaged beyond repairs. Sadly, the beautiful Cathedral has been damaged also, with its spire completely destroyed. This adds to the emotion I feel while looking at my images from downtown Christchurch...

Apart from Christchurch, the other large urban area in the South Island is Queenstown. This place is simply gorgeous! Surrounded by moutain ranges such as the Remarkables and on the shore of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown is a small but dynamic city. The city center is charming though it lacks the historical dimension europeans are used to. But many sport activities can be planned from there such as skiing, paragliding, speed boat riding... It was also the departure city for our scenic flight in 2006, when we booked a plane to go directly to Milford Sound and back, over the Southern Alps.

Don't miss the pictures and panoramic views from Poolburn Reservoir. This was a truly moving moment when we spend the night there. In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by dark rocks evenly spread on the plateau, not a single sound could be heard. Disturbing. No plane, no car, no bird, no city sound. Only your heart beats in your hears! And what a light at sunset and sunrise!

Many more images are available in the South Island collection, and I still have few more in the archives that will need to be added too.

So enjoy the ride and if you like it, spread the word and share with your friends!

New collection : France

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Another new collection on the site is now online. The theme is "France" and it gathers few of my favorite shot from various area of France. The gallery is not complete, as I still have few older images I wish to share also.

For the time being, you can find images from the Comminges and Cousserans, at the foot of the Pyrénées moutains; images from the Alpes and especially the Maurienne valley; images of the Vercors from above; images from the Canal du Midi, near Toulouse, and more...

I let you have a look at all this! It in the "Landscapes & Cities" super-collection.

Encore une nouvelle collection est maintenant accessible sur le site. Le thème est "la France" et elle rassemble quelques-unes de mes photos préférées faites dans divers coins de France. La galerie n'est pas encore complète, il reste certaines images un peu plus anciennes que je voudrais partager également.

Pour le moment, vous pourrez trouver des photos du Comminges et du Cousserans, au pied des Pyrénées; des images des Alpes et en particulier de la vallée de la Maurienne; des images du Vercors, vu du ciel; des photos du Canal du Midi, près de Toulouse, et plus encore...

Je vous laisse donc jeter un oeil à tout ça! C'est dans la super-collection "Landscapes & Cities".

Canal du Midi
Comminges Pano

New collection : Portrait

- Categories : Photo, Site Update

The new collection "Portrait" is now online. One can find there my tests in the portrait photography field. This is very different of course from shooting aircraft or landscape. Especially when it comes to set up the light and background and pose etc...

Nevertheless, I have to thanks my kind friends who accepted to get portrayed and authorized me to put the resulting images online. I must admit this activity is very interesting and I'm very happy of the result.

La nouvelle collection "Portrait" est en ligne. On pourra y trouver mes essais dans le domaine de la photo de portrait. C'est bien sûr très différent de la photo d'aviation ou de paysage. Surtout quand on doit installer la lumière, le fond, les poses...

Quoiqu'il en soit, je dois remercier mes ami(e)s qui ont accepter de se faire tirer le portrait et qui m'ont autoriser à partager les images. Je dois dire que cette activité est particulièrement intéressante et que je suis vraiment content du résultat.